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2019 - 2020 - 2021

August 24th


Congratulations to Joe Palfreyman who is this years Individuals Champion after beating
Keith Parkinson in the semi final and Billy Rathbone in the Final. This is the 4th time
Joe has been champion.
Congratulations JOE PALFREYMAN (Willowbank)

Congratulations to Paul Hourihan & Steve Broomfield who are this years Pairs Champions. They 
beat Joe Palfreyman and Dave Farrington in the semi final and Steve Hall and Paddy Newport
in the Final. This the 3rd time Paul and Steve have won the Pairs title.
Congratulations PAUL HOURIHAN and STEVE BROOMFIELD (Willowbank)



Now that the longest season in our history has finally ended we look forward to a new season
beginning. It is hoped the first league game will be on September 20th.

A reminder that the AGM will take place on AUGUST 31st at 7:00pm in Farmers Arms.
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August 17th


Congratulations to Willowbank who are this years Presidents Cup winners after beating
Farmers Arms in a match that went right to the last game.
Congratulations WILLOWBANK 


Congratulations to Peg Legs who are this years Tony Donoghue Memorial Cup winners after
beating Arkles 5-1 in the final, a score that doesn't necessarily reflect the actual match.

Congratulations PEG LEGS.

Arkles and Peg Legs Captains.
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August 10th


After the playoffs involving the top five teams Willowbank emerge as this years champions
beating Peg Legs in the final.
Congratulations WILLOWBANK 
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July 21st


The future of our league was decided at last nights league meeting. 

The agreed option was a modified version of Option 3 - Play no more league matches and have 
a playoff for the league title between the top FIVE teams. Finish off only those competitions
where the finalists have already been decided - Individuals, Pairs, Presidents Cup and Tony
Donaghue Memorial Trophy.

The current league will be decided by a playoff involving the top five teams. 

August 2nd 8:30pm Venue - PEG LEGS
   League playoff - Newstead v Gateway & winner to play Peg Legs. 

August 2nd 9:00pm Venue - FARMERS ARMS
   League playoff - Farmers Arms v Willowbank 

August 9th 9:00pm Venue - to be decided
   League playoff Final - Winners of above two venues to play

August 16th 9:00pm Venue - WILLOWBANK 
   Pres Cup final - Farmers v Willowbank

August 16th 9:00pm Venue - FARMERS ARMS
   Tony Donahue Cup - Arkles v Peg Legs

August 23rd 9:00pm Venue - FARMERS ARMS
   Final of Pairs & Individuals

A new season will hopefully start on September 20th


We will be looking for new teams to join the new league so please spread the word. 


We are also looking into the possibility of resurrecting a Ladies Section to be played on Tuesdays. 

If any new teams (Gents or Ladies) are interested in joining the league they can contact
me via the contact details at the top of this page or by email at lodl@supanet.com

There will be a league meeting in early September to go through the details of the new league.
Details will be given nearer the time.
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July 17th


There will be a league meeting this Tuesday, July 20th at 7pm in the Farmers Arms.

The meeting is to discuss if/how we restart the 2019-2020 season. 

There are three possible options 

1. Restart the league from where we left off in March 2020 and finish all league matches and

2. Play no more league matches and have a playoff for the league title between the top four teams
   and finish off all competitions.

3. Play no more league matches and have a playoff for the league title between the top four teams
   and finish off only those competitions where the finalists have already been decided 
     - Individuals, Pairs, Presidents Cup and Tony Donaghue Memorial Trophy.

There is a fourth option to scrap the current league and start a new league as soon as possible but
it seems only fair to all those who have made it this far to have some sort of completion for the
current league

All these options plus any others will be discussed at the meeting.

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February 23rd


Hopefully this will be the final update on this matter but I wouldn't hold my breath.

After the government announcement yesterday concerning the relaxing of restrictions I've put some
provisional dates together for restarting the interrupted 2019-2020 league season.

Given that they said that we should all be back to normal on June 21st the proposal is that once
the pubs are open we allow a couple of weeks for the "excitement" to die down and for teams to
regroup and "sober" up. Then start the season on Monday July 5th, this would mean that all league
and cup competitions would complete on Monday October 4th.

There would probably be a league meeting called for Tuesday June 22nd or 29th at a venue yet to
be decided (because of the loss of the Newstead).

Obviously all of this is dependant on the success of vaccines etc etc and dates may slip but it
does look like we have something positive to work with this time.

In the meantime stay safe and I'll post more news nearer the time.
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November 28th



Without getting carried away the news surrounding the handling of the Covid epidemic and testing
and vaccinations etc there looks like there is a possibility that we may getting back to some
sort of normality sometime around Easter next year. So based on that and with a whiff of optimism
I've taken a look at maybe restarting the league on the first Monday after Easter ie 12th April
with a view to ending it on 19th July. This would then allow us to start a new season in early

Obviously this is totally dependent on pubs being allowed to reopen and any restrictions that may
still be in place by then. If all goes well a league meeting will be held as early as possible
before the restart. 

Here's hoping we all get through the current situation safely and we can all restart playing darts.  
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October 29th


Sadly the Newstead closed its doors for the final time earlier this week. The dart team are yet 
to find a new home but hopefully this will be resolved before the restart of the season.


As people are no doubt aware it’s looking extremely likely that there will be no chance of
restarting the darts before Xmas and in all reality probably not before Easter. 

At the moment the intention is still to restart the suspended season when conditions allow.
However with such a long layoff the decision to restart or start a new season will be put to
a meeting nearer the time. 

In the meantime take care and stay safe.

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June 27th


As we all know pubs/bars are allowed to open from 4th July and I'm sure we're all chomping
at the bit for that first pint and game of darts. 

Getting a pint shouldn't be too hard though it remains to be seen how we go about ordering
it and where in the pub/bar you can actually drink it. 

I suspect having a game of darts may be more difficult particularly in the smaller venues.
So when it comes down to restarting the darts season please have patience and bear with us.
We are as keen as everybody else to get going again but we can only restart when the pubs/bars
are allowed to relax some of the imposed restrictions and make it possible while remaining
SAFE for us to do so. 

We will be monitoring (as I'm sure everybody else will) the status of the restrictions etc 
and will inform members as soon as we think we have a date to start. 

Thank you for your patience and STAY SAFE.
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April 2nd


Firstly I'd like to wish all league members and their families best wishes in this unusual,
unprecedented period.

As most people are probably aware there appears to be no date on the horizon for when the
social restrictions will be lifted. However I fully expect to complete this league season
once the restrictions are lifted.

For information and so players have an idea of how the league may be completed I have done
various projections for how long the league may last based on matches still to be played.

For example:

Potential restart date		Expected end date
----------------------		-----------------   
May 4th				July 27th 
June 1st			August 24th
July 6th			September 28th
August 3rd			October 26th
September 7th			November 30th
October 5th			December 21st

These are purely projections and are no way firm dates. As and when the restrictions are 
lifted more information will be given.

Details for next season will be given once we know when this season is likely to complete.

Please take care and stay safe
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March 16th


Based on the government's latest advice on the Corona Virus advising people to avoid all
non-essential contact and travel including pubs, clubs and restaurants the decision has

Please understand this is done in the interests of the league players health and safety and 
as things develop and hopefully improve the league will hopefully restart at a later date.
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March 10th


The winners of the four blocks last night were

  Joe Palfreyman (Willow Bank)
  Gary Carvell (Willow Bank)
  Keith Parkinson (Newstead)
  Billy Rathbone (Peg Legs)

Congratulations to the winners
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March 5th


The draws for the next round of the Charlie Frost and Secretaries competition have been made
and are as follows

Charlie Frost Competition

   Newstead     v Village Inn
   Farmers Arms v Willow Bank
   Peg Legs     v Masons
   Gateway      v Liver Vaults

Matches to be played after league matches on Monday April 27th

Secretaries Competition

   Village Inn  v Peg Legs

Match to be played after league match on Monday May 4th

   Farmers Arms v Newstead
   Gateway      v Masons
   Liver Vaults v Willow Bank

Matches to be played after league match on Monday May 11th

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March 4th


This week saw leaders Willow Bank suffer a shock defeat to Ship & Mitre and with Peg Legs
beating Liver Vaults it means there's now a two point gap opened up at the top. 

Farmers Arms beat Gateway and Newstead beat Masons so that there is still four points covering
the top four teams and with all the top four to meet each other again it could be a close run
thing for this years title. 

In the night's one other match Arkles beat Village Inn.

REMINDER - The fixtures for Monday 16th March have been posponed to June 1st
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March 1st


The draw for the latest round of the Individuals consists of four blocks of
four players - one winner per block. Blocks to be played on Monday 9th March.

(6) J Mawdsley    v (1) A Thompson
(7) B Rathbone    v (2) D Farrington

(7) P Symm        v (6) K Parkinson
(2) S Broomfield  v (6) B White

(1) P Sims        v (8) P Jones
(7) S Geddes      v (2) G Carvell

(8) R Waterhouse  v (7) M Rathbone
(7) P Craven      v (2) J Palfreyman

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February 24th


The finalists of the Pairs competition were decided last Monday night and through to the
finals are :- 

S Hall/P Newport (Willow Bank)
J Palfreyman/D Farrington (Willow Bank)
S Broomfield/P Hourihan (Willow Bank)
J Jones/D Griffiths (Village Inn)

Congratulations to those who got through.
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February 13th


At the top of the table Peg Legs beat Ship & Mitre and Willlow Bank beat Arkles. Third placed
Farmers Arms beat Village Inn while Newstead beat Gateway to go level with them on points. At
the bottom Masons beat Liver Vaults.

With two thirds of the season completed only four points seperate the top five teams so there 
is all to play for.


In the prelim of the Charlie Frost competition Willow Bank and Peg Legs progressed through to
the next round
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February 7th


The finalists of the two cup competitions have now been decided

Presidents Cup
In the semi finals Willow Bank beat Village Inn and Farmers Arms beat Masons.

Tony Donaghue Memorial Trophy
In the semi finals Peg Legs beat Gateway and Arkles beat Liver Vaults
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January 28th


More change at the top with Farmers Arms losing to Newstead. Willow Bank and Peg Legs both won
against Liver Vaults and Arkles and Gateway beat Masons. Village Inn beat Ship and Mitre.


Thanks to the TV companies yet again re-arranging the Everton - Liverpool derby match for a 
Monday night its been agreed by the team secretaries that the darts fixtures scheduled for
March 16th will now be played on the last remaining free week on June 1st.
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January 21st


Peg Legs fall to another defeat, this time by Village Inn and with Farmers Arms beating Arkles
and Willowbank beating Gateway its all level at the top. Newstead beat Liver Vaults to retain 
a slight interest in the top of the table while at the bottom Ship & Mitre beat Masons.
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January 16th


The two blocks of individuals that have been re-arranged for February 24th in Liver Vaults
have now been moved to NEWSTEAD on the same date.

Players Involved : 

Block A
   ( 2) J Palfreyman v ( 7) B Swann
   ( 5) J Evason     v ( 1) S Macaulay

Block A
   ( 8) J Fearon     v (10) R Cormack
   ( 7) S Geddes     v ( 9) K Cain

Apologies for the alteration but the Liverpool v West Ham match due to be played on that
night meant the Liver Vaults was not a suitable venue for the darts.
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January 15th


The draws for the semi-finals of these competitions were made at last nights league meeting
and are as follows:-

Presidents Cup
  Village Inn  v Willowbank
  Farmers Arms v Masons
Tony Donaghue
  Arkles   v Liver Vaults
  Peg Legs v Gateway

Matches to be played on Monday 3rd February


Last Monday two blocks of individuals due to be played at the Liver Vaults had to be postponed
at short notice. These two blocks will now be played on the 24th February at the Liver Vaults. 
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January 9th


The draw for the next round of the Pairs competition is now on the website. It consists of
FOUR blocks of eight pairs - play down to ONE winner per block.

Blocks to be played 17th February.


The draws for the semi finals of these two competitions will be made at the next league
meeting on Tuesday 14th January.

Matches to be played on 3rd February.
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January 7th


Obviously some teams appear to have over indulged during the festive period. This weeks results 
mean that there are TWO points covering the top four teams. At one stage just before Christmas
it looked like it was Peg Legs title to lose but a couple of defeats mean that its all back in 
the melting pot and with just under half of the season still to play it would be hard to pick a

In the big game of the night Willow Bank beat Farmers Arms while top of the table Peg Legs were
losing to Masons. Gateway beat bottom team Liver Vaults while Newstead were being defeated by
Village Inn. In the one remaining game of the night Ship and Mitre beat Arkles.   


Reminder that there is a league meeting next Tuesday 14th January
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December 17th


Wins for Willow Bank, Farmers Arms and Gateway coupled with a defeat for Peg Legs has compressed
the top of the table. Farmers are only two points behind the leaders with Willow Bank and Gateway
just two points further back.

There were also wins for Newstead and Masons.    


The draw for the next round of the Individuals competition is now on the website. 

Matches to be played on Monday 13th January
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December 11th


Willow Bank's win over Newstead effectively killed off any feint chance of Newstead challenging
for the league. Peg Legs defeat of Gateway and Farmers Arms win over Ship and Mitre consolidated
their positions at the top of the league.

At the bottom Masons and Liver Vaults both suffered defeats to Arkles and Village Inn respectively.  
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November 19th


Peg Legs extended their lead at the top with a win over second placed Farmers Arms. The teams
just below Farmers Arms all won with Gateway beating Village Inn, Newstead beating Ship & Mitre,
Willow Bank beating Masons and Arkles beating Liver Vaults.
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November 13th


Last Night's League Meeting

Presidents Cup draw
    Willow Bank v Ship & Mitre
    Byes for Masons, Farmer Arms & Village Inn
  Match to be played 2nd December

Tony Donaghue Trophy
    Peg Legs v Newstead
    Byes for Arkles, Gateway & Liver Vaults
  Match to be played 2nd December

Secretaries competition
    Newstead     v Arkles
    Ship & Mitre v Gateway
    All other teams have byes
  Matches to be played 16th December

Charlie Frost competition
    Willow Bank  v Arkles 
    Peg Legs     v Ship & Mitre
    All other teams have byes
  Matches to be played 10th February

November 12th


Leaders Peg Legs cemented their place at the top of the table with a win over Newstead. Farmers
Arms and Gateway stay hot on their heels with wins over Masons and Arkles respectively. Last years
champions Willow Bank fall further behind with a loss to Village Inn. At the bottom Liver Vaults
recorded their second win of the season by beating Ship & Mitre.
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October 29th


Leaders Peg Legs kept up their winning ways with a win over bottom club Liver Vaults. Farmers Arms
came out on top in the match of the day with a win over Gateway. Newstead gained revenge for their
cup defeat beating Masons and Willow Bank beat Ship and Mitre. There was also a win for Arkles over
Village Inn.
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October 22nd


The draws for preliminary rounds of the Pairs and Five-a-side competitions are now on the website.

Five-a-side to be played on November 4th

Pairs to be played on November 25th
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October 15th


In last night's rearranged game Willow Bank beat Arkles.
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October 9th


The winners were Willow Bank, Village Inn, Masons, Ship & Mitre and Farmers Arms.

The losers who now go into the Tony Donaghue Memorial trophy were Arkles, Liver Vaults,
Newstead, Peg Legs and Gateway
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October 7th


The draw for the preliminary round of this years individuals has taken place and is now under
the "competitions" tab/link. It will is to be played on Monday 21st October. 
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October 1st


Liver Vaults have finally broken their duck taking their first points of the season with a win
over Masons. At the top Peg Legs, Farmers Arms and Gateway all won. 
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September 29th


All the entries for the Individuals, Pairs and Five-a-sides have been uploaded to the website.

Can team secretaries take a look and confirm that their entries are correct. If there are any
missing entries please let me know as soon as possible as no changes can be made once the draw
for the first rounds of the competitions have been made.
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September 24th


Peg Legs maintain their position at the top of the table with a win over Arkles, Farmers Arms
slipped to defeat against Newstead to leave them two points behind Peg Legs. After three
consecutive defeats Willow Bank got back to winning ways with a win over bottom club Liver Vaults.

Gateway kept their place in joint second with a win over Masons and Village Inn beat Ship & Mitre.
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September 21st


Apologies for late report - just back from holiday.

There was another defeat for last years champions Willow Bank (ex Claremont) who were beaten
by Gateway. Current leaders Peg Legs and Farmers Arms (ex Q.O.M.) both won with Pegs beating
Village Inn and Farmers beating Arkles. Ship & Mitre beat Masons while bottom of the table
Liver Vaults are still to register any points losing to Newstead.


From this point onwards Claremont will be shown as WILLOW BANK and Queen of Martyrs will be
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September 11th


The draw for the first round of the Presidents Cup was made at last nights league meeting.

Arkles           v Claremont
Village Inn      v Liver Vaults
Masons           v Newstead
Ship & Mitre     v Peg Legs
Queen of Martyrs v Gateway

Matches to be played on Monday 7th October


Queen of Martyrs are now playing all home matches at FARMERS ARMS, Townsend Lane, L13 9BL

All team secretaries to inform their members. The "Venues" tab has been updated to reflect this
change. The team name will remain as QUEEN of MARTYRS until further notice to retain compatabilty
with printed fixtures already handed out. 
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September 10th


The only undefeated team, Peg Legs, went down to a suprise loss to Masons. In the match between
last years joint top teams Queen of Martyrs came out on top with a win over Claremont.

Newstead beat Village Inn and Ship & Mitre beat Arkles while at the bottom Liver Vaults still
remain pointless with a defeat by Gateway. 
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September 3rd


The only two undefeated teams in the league met in the big match of the night and Peg Legs came 
out on top beating Claremont. Queen of Martyrs beat Liver Vaults, Newstead beat Arkles, Gateway
beat Ship & Mitre and Village Inn beat Masons.  
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August 29th


Claremont are now playing all home matches at WILLOW BANK, 1 Townsend Lane, L6 0AX

All team secretaries to inform their members. The "Venues" tab has been updated to reflect this
change. The team name will remain as CLAREMONT until further notice to retain compatabilty with
printed fixtures already handed out.  
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August 20th


The top two maintain their unbeaten run but that must come to an end for one of them in two
weeks time when they meet for the first time this season. Claremont beat Newstead and Peg Legs
beat Gateway.

At the bottom of the table Liver Vaults are the only team without a win after losing to Village
Inn while Masons recorded their first win of the season over Arkles. Ship & Mitre lost to Queen
of Martyrs.
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August 16th


In a repeat of last years Presidents Cup final Peg Legs triumphed again against Queen of Martyrs
and with Claremont beating Masons it means that there are only two unbeaten teams left in the
league. In other matches Newstead beat Ship and Mitre, Gateway beat Village Inn and Arkles beat
Liver Vaults.
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August 9th


In only the second week of the season Claremont, Queen of Martyrs and Peg Legs are now the 
only teams unbeaten. Claremont beat Village Inn, Queen of Martyrs beat Masons and Peg Legs
beat Newstead. Gateway beat Arkles and Ship & Mitre beat Liver Vaults. 
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July 30th


The season started with wins for last years top two teams as Claremont beat Ship & Mitre and
Queen of Martys beat Gateway. Newstead beat Masons, Peg Legs beat Liver Vaults and Arkles
beat Village Inn.  
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July 28th


The new season finally starts tomorrow night. A reminder that the order of play in matches has
changed for this year as agreed at the AGM. The away team will put name up first and throw first
in games 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 with the home team doing the same in games 2, 4, 6, 8.

The list of registered players has been updated to show the players for each of the ten teams
in the league. Captains need to be aware that players can be registered with the league by text
with the league secretary up to 8:30pm on the night of a match and will therefore not show up
on the online list until the next day though the player is still able to play on the night of

Good Luck to all teams taking part this year
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July 25th


At the AGM a motion was passed to rempve the need for signed match cards. As a pre-requisite
to this all teams need to hand in a full list of players to the league secretary for them to
be posted on the website to enable teams to check each others players when a match takes place.

The initial list of players has now been uploaded to the website though I'm still waiting on
two teams to provide their list of players. Can secretaries please check that the list on the
website is correct for their team.

Players names must be with the league secretary before they can play in a match. Players names
can be provided up to 8:30pm on the night of the match. 
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July 2nd

PLAYOFF FOR 2018-2019

I know the new season is about to start but the playoff for last years league title spilled
over to tonight and the result was Claremont 5-4 Queen of Martyrs,

It was a tight game all the way through with QoM taking an early 3-1 lead but Claremont fought 
back to draw level at 3-3, QoM then took the next game to make it 4-3 only for Claremont to
drag it back to 4-4. The final game maybe could have gone either way but Claremont edged it to
take the title they so very nearly threw away at the end of the normal season. Congratulations
to League Winners CLAREMONT and commiserations to Queen of Martyrs who came so close.


Commiserations to Queen of Martyrs



Congratulations to CLAREMONT 
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July 21st

NEW SEASON 2019 - 2020

All the information for the new season has been uploaded to the website. There are a couple of
minor changes to the web layout. 

"Competition Dates" which used to be a tab/link on the top and side of the Home Page has now
been replaced by a "CALENDAR" tab/link which shows a calendar for the whole year including
League, Competition and SPARE dates.

"Competition Dates" can now be found under the "Competitions" tab/link.

I have removed some of the redundant links to other dart sites frm the "Darts Links" tab as
they no longer seem to provide any useful information.

Good Luck to all teams for the new season - starts on Monday 29th July.
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