NOTE - These rules have been updated for the 2014-2015 season.

- Rule 20 has been amended as agreed at the A.G.M. for the new throwing distance.

League Rules 2014 - 2015

1 All clubs accepted and registered in the Liverpool Open Darts League will be charged £3.00 registration fee and clubs entering more than one team must pay the same for each team. The registration fee for each club will include entry to the President’s Cup Competition.
2 There are no restrictions on darts players eligible to play in League or Competition games organised by the League, such players have signed a Registration Form which must be in the League Secretary’s hands not later than 3 days before playing in a match. A copy of the Rules and Fixtures to be given to all Team Secretaries.
3 No club may sign or transfer a player after the first 8 weeks of the season.
4 Players may transfer from one team to another in the League on payment of £3.00 to the League - such transfers to be at the discretion of the Management Committee.
5 Clubs playing ineligible players will be fined £5 for each offence and points will be awarded to opponents. This rule will apply to all previous games in which the ineligible players have played. Any club persisting in this practice may be expelled from the League.
6 Protests for breach of Rules must be forwarded to the League Secretary in writing within 3 days of the match taking place, a copy of which will also be sent to the Secretary of the opposing Club. A fee of £5.00 must accompany each protest, which will be forfeited to the League funds should the protest be turned down
7 No club will be admitted to the League after the closing date made by the Management Committee unless by special permission. New clubs entering the league or any team with previous bad history of fulfilling fixtures may be subject to a £10 deposit which will be returned at the end of the season subject to successful completion of fixtures.
8 The Annual General Meeting will take place immediately after the conclusion of each season. Date fixed by the Committee
9 The Management Committee shall have the power to deal with anything that may arise and is not covered by these rules. Their decision will be final in all matters.
10 Captains of winning teams must see that score cards of League Matches played are forwarded to the Fixture Secretary within 3 days by phone, text or e-mail. Score cards should be returned at the next league meeting following the fixture. Winners of Competitions are also responsible for forwarding their results to the Fixture Secretary.
11 League meetings will be held at League Headquartes on the SECOND TUESDAY of each month at 7.30pm prompt.
12 All communications shall be addressed to the League Secretary who will conduct all correspondence
13 No business, other than on the agenda will be discussed at a League Meeting unless notice has been given to the League Secretary at least 7 clear days before the commencement of a Meeting.
14 Fixture books will be issued to all clubs paid through their registration fee.
15 League money will be collected at each League meeting.
16 If a house has two teams they are construed as two separate Clubs. The transfer rule is to apply.
17 Any team failing to fulfil a fixture without giving 24 hours notice will be subject to a fine of £9.00. Any team failing to fulfil three consecutive fixtures will be expelled from the league and any deposits paid shall be forfeited. Rule to apply to all league fixtures and competitions.
17a Any team or players wishing to re-arrange a fixture must give 7 days notice to the opposing team or player. Any team asking for a league fixture to be re-arranged will automatically have one point deducted and on subsequent fulfilment of the fixture will lose all advantages ie: home advantage and right to throw first.

Competition Regulations

18 All League Matches to be played on MONDAY EVENINGS. No alteration of night of play except under extenuating circumstances and Fixture Secretary must be informed. Matches to commence NOT LATER THAN 9.00 p.m. Teams not having a player on the oche at that time will forfeit the first game. There will be a period of 10 minutes allowed for the team delaying the start to place another player on the oche, failing to do so they will lose the second game. Should no player be on the oche by 9.30 p.m. the game to be awarded to their opponents. In all matches the last game must be on the oche 15 minutes before Closing Time of the Licensed House. Teams responsible for delaying the start will forfeit unplayed games. These times do not apply to competitions. Home teams should open their board 15 minutes prior to the game starting.
19 Teams will consist of 9 players a side who must sign the score card provided by the League before playing their game (PRINTED NAMES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED) such signatures to be in ink or indelible pencil. Score cards must be signed by each Captain at the conclusion of the match. Teams turning up with two or three players short will forfeit those games, but more than three players short the match will be awarded to their opponents. Each Captain must keep a record book and a correct record of all matches must be shown, both Captains to sign each other’s book at the conclusion of each match, such records to be placed at the disposal of the League Secretary who may demand to see them at any time he/she thinks necessary.
20 Games to be played by individual players and to be 301 up, Double Start, Double Finish played on a regulation Double Top board which shall be adequately lighted and fixed to the wall with the centre of the Bull 5ft 8ins from the floor. An oche will be shown on the floor 7ft 9 and 1/4 inches from the face of the board measured along the floor, the oche shall be a minimum size of 18ins, maximum 30ins, and players must stand behind the oche (not tread it). The referee should see that all darts are thrown from behind the oche. Visiting players throw first in each game, the Bull (50) Double 25 is off or game shot. Should a player be given off or game shot by the Referee, and his dart falls out of the board before completion of the throw, he must throw for his starting or finishing double on the next visit to the oche. All games must finish with the “BURSTING RULE”.
21 In all games the HOME TEAM is responsible for providing a Marker or Scorer, the VISITING TEAM the Referee or Caller, who shall inform a player, on request, the score obtained, and the Marker shall announce the number required, but must not tell the player the double required. Method of marking shall be by subtraction and must show the number required, number scored and the number left. Players shall withdraw their own darts.
22 Method of awarding points shall be TWO for a win. Teams scoring most points shall be adjudged the winners, in the event of a tie for honours Teams shall play off on a neutral board to be decided by the Management Committee.
23 If a league game ends 4-4 (Gents) or 3-3 (Ladies) and both sides have no more players, either the 2 captains play a decider or inform the League and arrange a re- match.
24 Teams resigning from the League or being expelled in the first half of the season will have their record expunged. In the second half of the season only second half points will be expunged. Resignations must be in writing and will be accepted at the discretion of the committee.
25 Subsidiary competitions will be run during the season at the discretion of the Management Committee and all clubs are expected to enter them.
26 All cups and trophies will remain the property of the Liverpool Open Darts League.
27 Please check your monthly league flash thoroughly in case players are omitted from competitions. If so inform the League Secretary immediately, any later may cause disappointment.
28 Prize money for competitions will be paid on the night of the competition final.


Rules as for League Matches EXCEPT for first to throw, winner of toss throws first and places name on the board first, then carry on alternately throughout the 9 games.


501 up, STRAIGHT START, DOUBLE FINISH, 5 individual games, toss for first to throw, winner of toss throws first and places name on board first, then carry on alternately throughout the 5 games.


301 up, DOUBLE START, DOUBLE FINISH, best of three legs, toss for first to throw, winner of toss throws first in first leg, loser of toss throws first in second leg, should a third leg be necessary toss again.


501 up, STRAIGHT START, DOUBLE FINISH, best of three legs, toss for first to throw, winner of toss throws first in first leg, loser of toss throws first in second leg, should a third leg be necessary toss again.


(as Rule 10)

SCRATCH TIME IN ALL COMPETITIONS: 9.00pm (8:30pm for Finals)