17th JUNE


All the Honours tables accessible via the "Honours" tab at the top of this page have been
updated to reflect this years competition winners. Congratulations to all the winners
and commiserations to all those who didn't quite make it, no matter how gutted you feel
right now remember there's always next year.


The individuals saw three players, Joe Palfreyman, Dave Farrington and Marke Rice from
the Claremont in the last four with the other place being taken by Ronnie Singleton from 
St Agnes.
In the first semi final Joe beat Dave with neither player playing particularly well. In
the the first two games of the second semi final Mark and Ronnie played well with each player
taking a game. In the deciding game nerves seemed to get to both players but Mark composed
himself to take the winning double and move into the final.
In the final Mark managed to maintain his composure to beat Joe in a close fought game.


This years Pairs champions are Eddie Ainsworth and Keith Parkinson from Newstead "A" who
beat Joe Palfreyman and Dave Farrington from Claremont. Eddie and Keith played well in
the final and won by 2-0 with Keith hitting a 180 in the second game. In the semi finals
Eddie and Keith had a walkover while Joe and Dave had a tense battle with Keith and Sean
Farrell from Newstead "A" eventually taking the game 2-1.


Broadway are this years winners of the Presidents Cup beating St Cecelia's in the final.
St Cecelia's had surprisingly, but deservedly, beaten Claremont in the semi final, racing
into a 3-0 lead and eventually squeezing through 5-4 on the deciding game. In the other
semi final Broadway beat league winners Newstead "A" in another match that went to the
deciding game which could have gone either way.


In the final of the Charlie Frost Joe Palfreyman from Claremont beat Peter Simms from 
Clubmoor. This was Joe's second win in the competition.


We have received 12 team registrations for the coming season.

The plan is for all teams to play each other three times so that each team will have 33
league games this season. We hope to have the fixtures ready within the next two weeks
and they will be posted on the website as soon as they are ready.

PLAYER registrations are due back at the next meeting on Tuesday 8th July.
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4th JUNE


In the first finals of the 2013-2014 season St Agnes beat Newstead "A" in the 5-a-side
competition while in the Secretaries competition Joe Foster from Glasshouse beat Karl
Jackson from the Ship and Mitre "A".

Congratulations to the winners. 
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20th APRIL


After over 40 years Newstead "A" finally became L.O.D.L.league champions for the first
time with a win over Broadway in the final game of the season. Congratulations to Brian
Wilkie and the lads from the Newstead "A".
Click here to see Newstead Celebrations
Elsewhwere last years winners St Agnes finished second, two points behind Newstead "A"
and Claremont finished third, a further four points behind St Agnes. At the bottom
Newstead "B" recorded only their fourth victory of the season with a win over Clubmoor
but still finished the season in bottom place.


All this years finals will be held at Walton Social Club.

June 2nd  - Secretaries and Five-a-sides

June 9th  - Charlie Frost and Presidents Cup

June 16th - Individuals and Pairs

PLEASE NOTE - Scratching time for ALL competitions is 8:30pm.
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14th MAY


Newstead "A" beat third place Claremont to go within one game of winning the league
title. Can they overcome the nerves to win the last game of the season and take the
title for the first time in their history. Second place St Agnes maintained the pressure
on Newstead "A" with a narrow 5-4 win over Cuffs. Fourth place Broadway Cons fell to a
surprise defeat to Ship & Mitre "A" while St Cecelia's and Ship and Mitre "B" recorded
easy wins over Glasshouse and Newstead "B".


At the A.G.M. it was unanimously agreed that the throwing distance be changed from 8ft
to 7ft 9 and 1/4 inches for next season.


Registrations for the new season were taken at the league meeting, however if you know
of anybody who would like to field a team for the new 2014-2015 season it is not too
late and I will accept registrations up to the date of the next meeting on 10th June.
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29th APRIL


St Agnes suffered only their third defeat of the season at the hands of Liver Vaults
and with Newstead "A" edging to a nervous victory over Glasshouse it means that the
race to the title is in Newstead's hands, but with games against Claremont and
Broadway to come they will have to do it the hard way. In the big match of the night
the teams in joint third place met with Claremont beating Broadway. Elsewhere Village
beat Clubmoor and Ship & Mitre "A" beat Cuffs.


Will all teams who won a trophy in last year's competitions please return them at the
next league meeting on May 13th.
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23rd APRIL


Thank you to all who have given me their comments so far. The concensus seems to be
that people are happy to leave the format as it is - 301 and only two points for the
overall match score. On the matter of the throwing distance there seems to be a mix
of opinions, some want to keep the old 8ft distance while others would prefer the
international distance of 7ft 9 and 1/4 inches. This will be put before the A.G.M.
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16th APRIL


The latest results from this weeks games have been posted. St Agnes win their game in
hand over the Newstead "A" and are now level at the top with three games remaining.
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Over the past few years, with league membership declining, a number of people have raised
the question regarding the format of this league. While the tradionalists would obviously
like to retain 301 double start/finish and a throwing distance of 8 feet I feel it is time
to get the view of the league members. I've drafted a proposal which effectively reaches a
sort of compromise and would be interested in people's view so please feel free to email
your views to "" and also please take the chance to discuss this with your
teams before the A.G.M. to be held in May. 

Proposals for A.G.M.

Proposals for A.G.M. (printable version)

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There were a couple of results from re-arranged games last night. 


Team registration forms for the new season will be handed out at tonight's meeting.
These need to be handed in at the next meeting in May together with the appropriate
registration fee. 


This will be held on Tuesday May 13th at 19:30 in the Newstead Abbey. Anybody wishing
to raise anything at the A.G.M. must inform the league secretary in writing at least
seven days before the meeting.
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All last nights results have been posted. 
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25th MARCH


All last nights results have been posted - no surprises. Claremont and Broadway
maintain the pressure on the top two.
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18th MARCH


All last nights results have been posted - no surprises. In the bottom of the table
clash Glasshouse beat Newstead "B" to leave Newstead stranded at the bottom.
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11th MARCH


Congratulations to Claremont who have three of their players in the final of the
Individuals - Dave Farrington, Mark Rice and Joe Palfreyman. Ronnie Singleton from
St Agnes complete the list of finalists. 
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10th MARCH


The latest draws for the Secretaries and Charlie Frost competitions have been
posted on the "Competitions" tab.

Both of these competitions are run on Match Nights so pay particular attention
to when your match is. 
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In the Match of the Day Newstead "A" beat St Agnes 6-3 to go top by two points
although St Agnes have a game in hand. Aggies opened the match with a win by
Robbie Ward but then Newstead took the next three games to go 3-1 ahead. Stephen
Bunting pulled one back to make it 3-2 before Keith Parkinson produced a superb
145 finish to put Newstead on the edge of victory. In the next game both players
had at least 15 darts to finish with M Hailwood finally taking it to pull Aggies
back to within one game. But in the next game Keith Farrell for the Newstead
finished on double top to complete a well earned victory. Paul Polhill took the
last game for Newstead to make the final score 6-3. 

Elsewhere Claremont and Broadway both won to maintain the pressure on the top two. 
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19th February


On Monday night the places for the final of the Pairs were decided and will be
made up of two pairs from Newstead "A" (Eddie AInsworth/Keith Parkinson and
Keith Farrell/Sean Farrell) plus two pairs from The Claremont (Dave Farrington
/Joe Palfreyman and Gary Carvell/John Browne).

In the "group of death" held at Liver Vaults Dave Farrington and Joe Palfreyman
overcame World Champion Stephen Bunting and his partner Steve Long in a tense
hard fought final of the block. Stephen and Steve went one nil up comfortably 
winning the first leg but then missed several darts at the double in the second
leg to allow Dave and Joe to level the match. In the deciding leg Stephen and
Steve took an early lead but again struggled to finish allowing Dave and Joe a 
chance to take the match which they gratefully accepted.  


Please Note that April 7th is now a free date - it was originally scheduled for
a round of the Pairs but with far fewer entries this year the date isn't required.
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11th February


Last nights results are now on the website plus I've managed to catch up with
several good darts thrown over the last few weeks.

In last night's games St Agnes beat Claremont to virtually finish any chance
Claremont had of winning the title. Newstead "A" and Broadway both had comfortable
wins. Newstead "A" remain joint top with St Agnes and both teams meet in their next
league match on March 3rd, a win for St Agnes would virtually guarantee them the
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10th February


The draw for the 2nd Round of the Individuals has been made and posted on the
competitions page. There are two blocks from the 1st round still to be completed.
These will be played on the same night as the 2nd Round with the winners of the
two blocks proceeding straight into the 2nd round blocks as shown on the draw.

To accommodate this the SCRATCH TIME FOR THE TWO 1ST ROUND BLOCKS IS 8:30pm.   

Scratch time for the 2nd round blocks is the normal 9:00pm.
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7th February


The original draw for the five-a-side shown on the website was incorrect - it
showed Liver Vaults "B" in two venues. Apologies but I'm now getting to that
age where my mental faculties aren't quite what they should be (I know some will
think it's always been that way) and I had copied the draw over incorrectly, it 
is now as it should be.  
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4th February


Please note that Clubmoor have moved (AGAIN !!) and will play all home games from
The Arkles, 77 Anfield Road, L4 0TJ. Phone 263-9496.


The next round of the Five-a-side competition has been posted on the competitions 
page. It is to be played Monday 24th February with ONE WINNER per block.
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4th February


The latest results from this weeks matches have now been uploaded. As with last week
There were no real surprises. Newstead "A" remain joint top but St Agnes still have
a game in hand. 

The first of the big matches that could decide the league takes place next week when
St Agnes play third place Claremont.
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30th January


The latest results from this weeks matches have now been uploaded. There were no real
shocks this week. Newstead "A" have now gone joint top with St Agnes though St Agnes
have a game in hand.
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21st January


The winners from the blocks played last night are now on the website. 

Apologies to the players in the blocks that were meant to be played at All Saints. I had
been assured that the club would be open but for whatever reason it wasn't. I'll try to
re-arrange the blocks to be played on a future date but it may mean that they will have
to be played on the same night as the next round.
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15th January


The draws for the Pairs, Secretaries and Charlie Frost are all now on the website.


In the first league games in the New Year there were no real shocks, St Agnes, Newstead "A"
and Claremont all won their games. Claremont beat LIver Vaults to further dent the Liver's
chance of finishing in top three.
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30th December


The next round of the Individuals, to be played on Monday 20th January, has been put on
the website. It will consist of 16 blocks of 4 players with one winner per block.

The draw for the last 16 of the Pairs competition, to be played on Monday 17th February,
will be made at the next league meeting on January 14th.
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27th December


Sorry to hear that over Christmas we lost one of our long standing members of the league.
Sadly Gary Watts who was currently playing for the Claremont and is the current holder of
the Gents Pairs title with Mark Rice passed away suddenly. He will be sorely missed and
our condolences and best wishes go to his family and friends.
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13th December


After such a fine run the Liver Vaults slipped up this week with a defeat by Glasshouse.
St Agnes were without a game while the three teams chasing them all won. At the bottom
there were wins for Glasshouse and Ship and Mitre "A" which dumped Newstead "B" to last


The draw for the quarter finals of the Presidents Cup was made at the league meeting on
Tuesday 10th December and is as follows:-

Village Inn	v Newstead "A"
Clubmoor Cons	v Broadway Cons
St Cecelia's	v St Agnes
Claremont	v Liver Vaults

These matches are to be played on Monday 6th January
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4th December


No suprises in the league this week. With Newstead "A" not having a game St Agnes extended
their lead at the top of the table to four points. Broadway and Claremont both win to stay 
in the hunt.
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26th November


St Agnes beat Broadway to further dent their title hopes. Newstead "A" win to stay two
points behind and Liver Vaults also win to keep the pressure on the top two. At the
other end of the table Glasshouse climb off the bottom with a win over Ship & Mitre "B". 


I have one result missing from the Pairs blocks played on Monday 28th November. If anybody
knows the result from the block held in St Cecelia's can they let me know please. 
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13th November


In the big game of the night Broadway beat Newstead "A" leaving St Agnes to open up a
two point gap at the top with a win over Ship & Mitre "A". Claremont beat St Cecelia's
to maintain their challenge. So having reached the halfway point of the season its still
all to play for with five teams separated by only four points.
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11th November


The draw for the prelim round of the Five-a-Side competition has been made and is
posted on the "Competitions" tab. This round is to be played on Monday 16th December.
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8th November


Team number 3, CLUBMOOR CONS have changed venue (again). From Monday 11th November 
they will be playing from ALL SAINTS, OAKFIELD ROAD, L4 2QG.
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6th November


The draw for the Pairs competition has been made. There are sixteen blocks of
four players, each block to be played down to one winner. Some venues have more
than one block. To be played on Monday 18th November. Full detail can be found
via the "Competitions" tab.
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5th November


In the big match of the week Newstead "A" beat Claremont 5-4 while St Agnes
beat Cuffs to remain joint top. Liver Vaults continue their impressive move up
the league with a 7-2 win over Village to move within two points of the leaders
having played one game more. Broadway maintain their place in the chasing pack. 


The Liverpool Echo are looking for somebody to contribute a weekly article 
summarising the darts across Merseyside. The article will cover all darts
leagues no matter which night they are played. If you or anybody you know
is interested in doing this then contact me on the number at the top of this
As part of this it would be useful to get a list of the leagues across the area
so I'm quite happy to co-ordinate the list.The sort of info I think we need is

Name of the League
Day/Night on which matches are played
Secretary or contact for the league
Start & End dates of League

If you know of any leagues across Merseyside then please phone or text me the info 
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29th October


St Agnes lost their first game of the season when Liver Vaults beat them 6-3. 
Liver Vaults are now closing in on the leading pack and may prove a force to 
reckon with in the second half of the season. In the big match of the night
Claremont beat Broadway 7-2. Elsewhere there were wins for Newstead "A", Cuffs
and Village Inn.
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15th October


A surprise result from this weeks matches as bottom of the table Glasshouse
recover from 4-1 down to beat title hopefuls Claremont 5-4. St Agnes go two
points clear at the top and with the three clubs immediately below them having
to play each other over the next three weeks the gap may increase.  


Broadway and Clubmoor who both play at Clubmoor Conservative Club are having to
move as the venue is closing from 16th October.

Broadway will play their future home games at Frames Snooker Club, Cherry Lane,
Walton, L4 6UH. 

Clubmoor will play their future home games at Old Swan Conservative Club,
Derby Lane, L13 6QE

The "Venues/Secretaries" Tab has been updated to reflect the new venues.
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8th October


The latest results have been updated.
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3rd October


The latest results have been updated.
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28th September


Apologies for lack of updates over the last two weeks - I've been on holiday.
Unfortunately one of the first things to report on my return is that Wellington,
team number 16, have resigned from the league. All points for matches played
against the Wellington so far have been expunged. 

I know this leaves three teams each week without a game but unfortunately we're
too far into the season to try and rearrange fixtures. All I can suggest at this
point is that teams with no games to play in a particular week can maybe arrange
friendlies between each other.


The top four, St Agnes, Newstead "A", Claremount and Broadway all made it safely
into the next round and are joined by Clubmoor, St Cecelia's, Liver Vaults and
Village Inn.


After the resignation of the Wellington the league tables have been altered to
take into account points expunged. St Agnes remain the only unbeaten team. 
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11th September

Latest Result

The bottom of the table clash between Glasshouse and Wellington resulted in a
narrow victory for Glasshouse. This leaves Wellington as the only team without
a point.

Final Player Registration

The final date for teams signing new players is SUNDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER. A full
list of registered players is given on the "Players" tab above. Will secretaries
please take a couple of minutes to check that all their players are on the list. 
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10th September


The only two undefeated teams met each other last night with St Agnes being the
team to triumph over Newstead "A". It wasn't a spectacular match and the main
difference between the two teams was that St Agnes players hit their winning 
doubles when it mattered. St Agnes have now beaten all of their main rivals while
the rivals have still all to play each other.

I'm still waiting on the result of the match between the bottom two teams who also
met each other last night. 
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4th September


The competition entries should now be available - apologies for those who've
been trying to get them and failing.
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2nd September

Latest Results

Well one had to give in the end - two of the top sides met in a top of the table
clash and it was St Agnes that came out on top over the Claremont. It was a close
fought game and there were some good darts thrown by both sides with 7, 9 and 10
dart games being recorded (See "Good Darts" tab).

One of the only other unbeaten sides, Newstead "A" cruised home with an 8-1 win
over Ship & Mitre "A" but next game up for the Newstead is against St Agnes next

At the bottom Glasshouse and Wellington have still to put any points on the board
but they meet each other in the next game.

Competition Entries

All entries have been submitted and are now shown via the "Competitions" tab.
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20th August

Latest Results

No major upsets this week, the top three remain undefeated. However next week two of
those teams meet when St Agnes take on Claremont. 
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15th August


The draw for the first round of the Presidents Cup was made at Tuesday's League meeting
and is as follows:

(  ) Bye                v ( 3) Clubmoor Cons
(  ) Bye                v (12) St Agnes
( 5) Glasshouse         v ( 2) Broadway Cons
( 1) Claremont          v (10) Ship & Mitre "A"
(16) Wellington         v (13) St Cecelia's
( 9) Newstead "B"       v ( 6) Liver Vaults
(14) Village Inn        v ( 4) Cuffs
(11) Ship & Mitre "B"   v ( 8) Newstead "A"

The matches are to be played on Monday 23rd Septemeber. Thes details are also available via
the "Competitions" tab.


A new "Players" tab has been added showing the players registered for each team. 
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12th August

Latest Results

One more undefeated record goes as Claremont beat Cuffs. Newstead "A" record another
close win 5-4 over Liver Vaults while at the bottom Glasshouse and Wellington have still
to register any points.
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6th August

Latest Results

No big surprises from last night, all the usual suspects won. St Agnes beat Newstead "B"
convincingly 8-1, Claremont beat Liver Vaults 6-3 and Newstead "A" beat Clubmoor 9-0.

Reminder - Competition Entries

Please remember that this seasons competition entries (plus fees) are due at the next league
meeting on Tuesday 13th August
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30th July

Latest Results

Latest results have been posted on the site. In the match of the night Newstead "A" came
from 3-0 down to win 5-4 against last year's A Section champions Ship & Mitre "B".
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23rd July


Last year's champions St Agnes have started with two victories so far beating Village Inn
last night. Claremont got their season underway with a win over last year's "A" division
champions Ship & Mitre "B" while Cuffs recorded their second win over Newstead "B" coming
from 4-2 down to edge it 5-4.
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17th July


The first matches of the new season took place on Monday 15th. In an early clash of
this seasons favourites to take the title St Agnes beat Broadway Cons. There were also
wins for both Newstead teams, Cuffs and Ship & Mitre "B". 
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10th July


The seasaon has yet to begin and we have already lost two teams. Sadly they are two of
of our "well established" teams - McGinty's and Walton Social Club. Will secretaries
please amend their fixtures and ensure their teams are aware of these changes. 


The new season gets underway next Monday - Good Luck to all.
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26th June


Sadly this will be the first season since 1984 with no Ladies section. With only four
teams left in the section from last year it was just not feasible. Good Luck to the
departing teams, the door is always open to return to the league in the future. 
Last year the "A" section was reduced to eight teams after the late resignations of 
two new teams. Going into the new season we have already lost Anglesea, Abbey Road
and Connerty's from the Premier Section. We have one confirmed new team, Wellingon,
which leaves the league with SIXTEEN teams, therefore the league will be reduced to
ONE section this year with teams playing each other twice. 

The new season will start on Monday 15th July.

Fixtures and competition forms etc will be given out at the next league meeting to
be held In The Newstead on JULY 9th. 

A preview of the fixtures will appear on this site within the next few days.
I draw your attention to a couple of important rule changes.

Ladies eligible for Monday Night Matches
with the loss of the Ladies section this year Ladies are now eligible to register
for Monday Night teams. The word "GENTS" will be removed from the title of all
competitions etc.

Re-arranging League Fixtures
The rule regarding the re-arrangement of league games has been changed. From this
season any team wishing to re-arrange a game will be automatically deducted one 
point and will lose all advantages in the match when it is subsequently played, 
ie: they will lose any home advantage and the advantage of throwing first. The
decision on whether to re-arrange still has to be agreed between both captains.
There will be occasions where matches have to be re-arranged because of funerals
or when LFC or EFC have a home match that impacts those venues close to the stadiums.
In these instances no penalty will be imposed. 
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