Liverpool Open Darts League
Committee 2011 - 2012
President:   J A Rooney Esq.
Chairman:   Paul Azzopardi Esq.
    Tel: 07990-872-215 (Mobile)
Secretary:   Helen Hannigan
    46 Melford grove
    Liverpool L6 4DN
    Tel: 07740-224-255 (Mobile)
Secretary:   Rob Gerrard
(Fixtures & Results)   12 The Cobbles
    Liverpool L26 7AR
    Tel: 015-487-3508
    Tel: 07742-601-331 (Mobile)
Treasurer:   Lena Arthur
Committee:   Alf Clarke
    Tony Donoghue
    Steve Broomfield
Headquarters:   To be confirmed
    Address 1
Meetings:   2nd Tuesday each month